Gavin Osborn at The Ship

Acoustic | Monday 26th June 2017 8.45pm - 11.00pm | The Ship

Not long back from a tour of Australia, with a 5 night run at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and a new album just about ready called Echo Bridge!

Possibly our best kept local secret ….



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Keynsham Brass Band

Brass Band Favourites | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 12:00pm | Bandstand Stage

Boasting 25 members Keynsham Brass Band is not just a staple but a Keynsham Music Festival favourite. Year in, year our the talents of the Brass Band have been the opening set on the Bandstand. This year will be no exception!

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Brighter Lights

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 12:30pm | The Abbey Stage

With this years Keynsham Music Festival being their first ever live gig we’re as excited as you are to see what this new Keynsham band have to offer when they open The Abbey Stage for you!

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Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 1:15pm | The Abbey Stage

“BLaKRABB1T is a take on dirt and smoke interpreted through the void and alive to grace the blackness and beauty in vulnerability.”

They performed last year as ‘They Old Boots’. Now known as BLaKRaBB1T they are back with some original content. Taking huge influences from the likes of Alice in Chains and Dr Hoffman this four piece provides a huge sound that will grab your attention as soon as they play their first note. Making sure that the music continues in the way they want it to take; we present to you, BLaKRaBB1T!


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Joe Carreyett

Acoustic | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 2:00pm | The Abbey Stage

Think of a blend of Eric Clapton, Noel Gallagher and Ed Sheeran and then you have something similar to this guy! A fusion of folk, rock, and pop brings out an intriguing mix from this young singer-songwriter. A mix of modern and historical landmarks blend well to inspire Joe to become the new hopeful in the music industry; not just for the region but for the UK stage. Bought up on the sounds of anything from AC/DC to Eva Cassidy Joe knows how to write something that can appeal to all.


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Keyford School of Dance

Dance | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 2.00pm | The Love Dance Stage

40 years: has there ever not been Keyford in Keynsham, and has any town institution performed at The Festival more often?



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Luna Blue

Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 2:45pm | The Abbey Stage

Taking influence from the likes of Foals, Don Broco and Jimi Hendrix; Lune Blue formed at Chichester University. Having already won Ensemble Of The Year at Chichester they’re eager to take to the Abbey Stage to show you what they’re all about. With the ability to captivate you in a riff and pull you into their performance Luna Blue are not a band to miss at this years Keynsham Music Festival!

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The Euphoria

Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 3:35pm | The Abbey Stage

Los Angeles based Indie Rock band, The Euphoria, are without doubt something to shout about at this years Keynsham Music Festival. This slick four piece infuses creamy tones with infectious beats, and drives melodies with powerful vocals. Set for what is definitely their first UK performance, and perhaps their first festival too, you need to be at The Abbey Stage to experience The Euphoria!

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Cosmic Ninja

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 4:25pm | The Abbey Stage

Born out of the bands mutual love and desire to combine the best elements of electronic and rock music by harnessing the positive energy and emotion in both genres, Cosmic Ninja, create a varied and original atmosphere when you hear their music! With the ability to make a truly unique sound and entice audiences from all over this band is like a train that cannot be stopped. Whether it’s a catchy chorus, massive riffs, dance breaks or synth mayhem, Cosmic Ninja is a band where you cannot expect the expected!


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Kevin and The Destroyers

Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 5:15pm | The Abbey Stage

Hailing from Somerset, four piece, Kevin and The Destroyers have a lot of bark with their bite! Taking huge influence from the likes of Oasis, The Who and The Beatles this band provides a familiar sound with a unique twist. With each and every one of their tracks infecting your body with rhythm they’re going to be a brilliant way to bring in the evening on The Abbey Stage this year.


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Pixi Encore

Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 6:15pm | The Abbey Stage

Haling from Bristol, Pixi Encore burst into the scene in 2016 and since have played may a high profile gig. Described by ‘The StarvedPeasant’ from Castle FM as “most likely the freshest, best sounding band of the 2nd decade in the 21st century.”, we know that they’re going to provide a great set for those there to hear them. Make sure that you are at The Abbey Stage when they are are this years Keynsham Music Festival!
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Hip-Hop | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 7:15pm | The Abbey Stage

Providing a truly positive sound Kinsman is without doubt one of the best Hip-Hop MC’s that we have ever come across. With routes stretching back to Massive Attack’s early days and the original Bristol Wild Bunch, Kinsman has seen, heard and spoken it all! His latest EP ‘For The Record’ is a class A example of Bristol Hip-Hop pedigree and we know that you will be just as excited as we are to have him perform for us at this years Keynsham Music Festival.


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Vienna Ditto

Blues | Sunday 2nd July 2017 Starts 8:15pm | The Abbey Stage

Giving their audiences with a gift of, what can only be described as an, uptempo and dissonant blend of Blues, Jazz and Glitch-Hop, Vienna Ditto will capture you in a trance of epic performance. With a whole 60 minutes to boast their abilities you have no excuse not to see them. We’re sure that as soon as you hear their twisted melodies and feel their enormous presence you will not want to leave. Described by Radio 1’s Hugh Stephens as “Like Portishead doing a Tarantino soundtrack” this distorted duo we know will make perfect headliners for The Abbey Stage at this years Keynsham Music Festival!

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Acoustic | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

Originally from Finland but now Based in Bristol, Priita Isokääntä is the latest signing to Jelli Records! With just herself and her guitar to focus on this singer-songwriter is able to hypnotise you with her cleverly selected lyrics and rhythmic playing. Singing in both Finish and English, Pritta is going to lure in her audience during her set at this years festival and is without doubt not an act to miss.

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Charlie & Jake

Jazz | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

Mixing powerful vocals with melodic improvisations Charlie and Jake share their stories of love and friendship. From Bristol the pair combine skills on the Piano and Double Bass to bring soulful originals and much loved Jazz standards to Keynsham Music Festival. Bound to put a smile of your face we present to you, Charlie & Jake!

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Hoggs Bison

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

They appeared for the first time in Keynsham at last years music festival and again they are set to take the stage and provide for us what they describe as ‘maths-rock’. Providing a passionate and truly individual sound this bad needs no vocalist; their instruments do the talking! Sure to mesmerise you with the unique rhythms we give you, Hoggs Bison.

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The Blush

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

This will be The Blush’ third appearance at the Keynsham Music Festival and this year they take to The Top Stage! With melodic riffs, ska influences and smooth vocals the band set to take each of their crowds on a journey with their music. Make sure that you’re there to see them at this years festival.

The Blush live!

The Blush supporting Jesus Jones at the Fleece – Monday 14th November 2016.

Posted by Mark Unwin on Monday, 21 November 2016

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Blues | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

A regular face at Keynsham Music Festival, Bashema is just one lady and her piano with the presence of a four-piece rock band! Having been playing music from a very young age she has gone from strength to strength within the Bristol music community. Providing a flair of passion from each of her performances and vocals that can swoop from all levels, Bashema is going to provide an epic performance on The Stop Stage at this years Keynsham Music Festival!

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Rock Pipes

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

Fusing together traditional Celtic music with Rock, Rock Pipes bring a brilliant twist to traditional and contemporary classics. Always performing with attitude, this 8-piece band comprises keyboards, bass, drums, guitar and violin, but most importantly are their 3 formidable Highland pipers! Expect to hear songs you recognise and some you never knew existed in a way you’ve never heard music before.

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Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

It’s very rare that we have a covers band at the Keynsham Music Festival, but we must make an exception for these guys. Super:D do all the Indie Rock covers under the sun and do a great job doing so. With an epic stage presence and a super knack for making songs their own this is the act you need to see if you’d like a bit of familiarity at this years music festival.

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Stone Cold Fiction

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage


From Bath, Stone Cold Fiction captivate their audiences into a trance of riff-infused rhythm. With two Keynsham Music Festival performances already under their belt we’re sure that their third will be the best yet! Able to boast a strong following and a stage presence of astronomical terms. Even if you don’t plan on seeing this band, you will anyway. With guitar lead melodies and soaring vocals to match you’ll be hooked as soon as you hear them!


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Alternative Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

Influencing the likes of Muse, Guns & Roses and Halestorm, Flowerpot is a young energetic four-piece infusing intricate and slashing instrumentals with powerful and melodic vocals. With the ability to have a sound that sets them apart from the rest they are bound to catch your ear at this years Keynsham Music Festival. By the end of their set we’re sure that you’ll be jumping for more. We present to you, Flowerpot!
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Indie Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

Bristol band, Bordello have come storming onto the local music scene over the last six months. With succulent tones and bluesy melodies, this band is not like any other! Drawing you in with silky smooth vocals and rough untampered riffs we cannot to see what they have planned for this years Keynsham Music Festival.

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Electro-Pop | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Bandstand Stage

Stevie & The Masquerades are a fresh Electro-Pop duo drenched in enough synths to make any music producer jealous. Reminiscent of the 80’s this New Wave act has all the twists, turns and whits to be a modern day pop sensation. With their uplifting style and euphoric songs, we cannot wait to have them on the Bandstand Stage at this years Keynsham Music Festival!


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Phoenix River Band

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

With roots stretching back over 15 years and 5 albums to their name the Phoenix River Band know what they’re doing when it comes to music! Each of their sets combine their love for both acoustic and fully electric music, which ensures that they provide something to everyone’s taste. This year taking to the Top Stage at Keynsham Music Festival we expect nothing but the best from the Phoenix River Band!

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World Music | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

A unique combination of musicians from Ghana, Senegal, Dominica, Trinidad and Southern Ireland, Baraka is one of the best World bands that you will ever hear! With each member contributing their own individual sound and style from their musical backgrounds, the band broadcast a truly individual and unique atmosphere in their sets. Edgy, experimental and innovative, Baraka will be one of the most entertaining acts at this years Keynsham Music Festival!


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R&B and Funk | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

With an eclectic blend of rock, funk, reggae, blues and beyond, Verdisa will be take on a musical journey from the highest mountains, to the deepest oceans and to the core of your inner being. All about living in the moment and playing on the edge, songs can change at the drop of a hat and you can suddenly find yourself whisked away with a rush of musical spontaneity. Tuning to 432Hz, an alternative frequency that appears throughout nature, their music resonates with the entire world we live in and our very bodies.

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Slapface and the Hoagies

Bluegrass | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

Created with the idea of being a band just as comfortable in the corner of a pub as on a stage at a festival, Slapface and the Hoagies came together for the first time back in 2012. Drawing influence from the likes of Johnny Cash and The Dodge Brothers, this upbeat Bristol Band describe themselves as ‘rockin’ hillbilly and a good helping of fun’. More than just a group of musicians this band of life long friends have chemistry like no other. Make sure that you are at the Top Stage to witness it!


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Bread Over Bombs

Rock | Sunday 2nd July 2017 TBC | Top Stage

“Music brings people together like nothing else, so why not use that power and energy to achieve great things in our own communities!”.

A band like no other, Los Angeles based, Bread Over Bombs are talented, generous and so much more than just a band! An activist rock band providing emergency food to people in crisis they have already donated to Keynsham’s food bank. And now they’re returning to headline this years Keynsham Music Festival too. Formed in 2013 this group of session musicians have helped many people all over the world. They are now a world wide network of both support and entertainment, and we know they are going to do a great job at closing this years Keynsham Music Festival!

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